turning your dreams into reality



Self Development Coaching was founded with the ambitious working professional in mind. Our aim is to help you create habits that will foster continuous growth.


A self-development journey begins with our perception of ourselves and the world around us. The fears and biases we naturally learn in reaction to life events can become self-imposed limits that we must identify and address. Only then can we begin to shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset. 

when to invest in yourself


You are currently feeling:

  • Frustrated with your current circumstances

  • A lack of clarity about your purpose in life

  • Stifled by a dead-end job

  • Overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out


Coaching will help you achieve:

  • Clarity in life values & purpose

  • Personal goal setting frameworks

  • A decrease in stress levels

  • Improved personal and professional relationships 

  • The ability to adapt to any new challenges



coaching Philosophy

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right."

- Henry Ford

It all starts with your

mindset and beliefs

Every coaching program is uniquely designed to meet your individual goals. After your Discovery sessions, we will define your goals and take them through a four-step process:

1. - Evaluation

2. - Strategy

3. - Implementation

4. - Feedback & realignment 

Using this framework, you will learn habits allowing you to fulfill life and career goals.  Equipped with an empowering arsenal of tools, you will find a new sense of confidence in the face of any challenge.

about the founder

Dominic Shaughnessy is a Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach trained to help you align yourself with your life purpose. You will learn to address self-limiting beliefs and ultimately shift to a proactive, growth-oriented mindset.

Whether you're launching a personal brand or business, seeking clarity in your career direction, or looking to improve yourself -- you are not alone. With the right tools and mindset, your goals are within reach!


Andrea D. / License Esthetician / Founder

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I worked with Dominic when I was first starting a suite spa all on my own. I felt very overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. Dominic helped me not only by being a space for me to get my thoughts out but how to organize them in a productive manner. He made it simple for me to get tasks done without anything coming off as a huge overwhelming task. I was able to organize what I had to do to get to where I needed to be. I found coaching with him to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for someone who is struggling when first starting a business and balancing personal life.

Kim B./ Planty Good Vibes / Founder

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Without DJs guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to launch my online store and execute the necessary steps to obtain my sales, AND maintain a position in Shopify’s top 20% of stores that opened within the same week as myself! With no background in business, DJ has been a human life jacket as I navigate the depths of every learning curve that comes with starting a business. Through digestible, accessible information he curates I have been able to level up as a business owner and human in general. Thank you DJ for showing me the way without judgment, punishment, or shame! DJ embodies encouragement, cLear perspective, and intelligence as a coach. I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned, and can continue to apply to obtain the life I value! Thank you DJ!!!!