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Drive engagement through culture

Culture & Engagement

Self Development Coaching was founded with the ambitious working professionals in mind. Providing leaders with the tools to improve on their personal and professional impact.


Workplace culture has a direct impact on employee engagement and moral. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, along with a reduction in absenteeism and overall  turnover. 

Signs of a toxic culture

  • The workforce feels overwhelmed, stressed, and/or burnt out

  • High turnover and absenteeism 

  • Condescending leadership 

  • Employees feel like "another number"

  • Politics, nepotism, and bureaucracy are commonplace 



"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right."

- Henry Ford

Creating a process of continuous improvement 

Every program is uniquely designed to meet your companies specific needs and works in a four step process. 

1. - Evaluation - Surveys and other objective measures

2. - Strategy - Mission, Values, Purpose 

3. - Implementation - Individual and team development initiatives

4. - Feedback & realignment 

Using this framework in an on going cycle allows leaders to address pain points for their workforce and ultimately improve relationships throughout the organization within a simple process.

about the founder

Dominic Shaughnessy is a Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach with thirteen years of professional experience driving top-level organization-wide talent management, people operations, and development initiatives.


Passionate about workplace culture and creating environments where employees thrive, Dominic has a proven track record in creating & implementing cross functional strategic initiatives, skill & talent gap analyses, creating operational efficiency, and an environment of psychological safety. 


Andrea D. / License Esthetician / Founder

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I worked with Dominic when I was first starting a suite spa all on my own. I felt very overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. Dominic helped me not only by being a space for me to get my thoughts out but how to organize them in a productive manner. He made it simple for me to get tasks done without anything coming off as a huge overwhelming task. I was able to organize what I had to do to get to where I needed to be. I found coaching with him to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for someone who is struggling when first starting a business and balancing personal life.

Kim B./ Planty Good Vibes / Founder

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Without DJs guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to launch my online store and execute the necessary steps to obtain my sales, AND maintain a position in Shopify’s top 20% of stores that opened within the same week as myself! With no background in business, DJ has been a human life jacket as I navigate the depths of every learning curve that comes with starting a business. Through digestible, accessible information he curates I have been able to level up as a business owner and human in general. Thank you DJ for showing me the way without judgment, punishment, or shame! DJ embodies encouragement, cLear perspective, and intelligence as a coach. I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned, and can continue to apply to obtain the life I value! Thank you DJ!!!!