What is the difference between Coaching, Therapy and Consulting?

Coaching and Therapy share some similarities in delivery and communication.  They differ in the way that Coaching focuses on actionable measurable outcomes.  Whereas Therapy focuses on past experiences which may have lead to undesirable outcomes.


​Consulting is a process where knowledge is transferred.  When hired to Consult, clients expect problems to be identified and solved by the Consultant.  In Coaching, the client is the one doing introspection and the Coaching guides this process through deep listening.

Is coaching right for me?

It is our belief that Coaching is for everyone.  Not every Coach may be right for you however, Coaching is an action-oriented process intended to unlock human potential.  It's safe to say we've all experienced Coaching at some point in our life.  The question is, in what areas can a coach help you make immediate improvements?

For how long do coaching engagements last?

Coaching engagements can last anywhere from a month to a year plus.  The program and goals of the client ultimately determine the timeline of coaching.  

What outcomes can I expect from coaching ?

Coaching will enable you to achieve your goals. This takes place through a process where we gain clarity in direction.  Goals are established along with an understanding of where you are at in the process of achieving those goals and what it will take to get them accomplished...

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