coaching Philosophy

"Perception is reality"

- Lee Atwater  

It all starts with our perception and beliefs...

Perception, defined as the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses; is the process of experience. One's perception is governed by their attitude, which is effected by various events throughout the day. Having this realization in the moment is known as meta-cognition -  becoming aware of ones thoughts and internal state. This is the first step in creating positive change in our lives. 

Through a mindfulness-based coaching approach clients are given the tools to identify values, habit loops, negative/self-limiting thought patterns, goals and more...  With these tools we'll understand where the client is at, allowing them clarity in realizing the road to their desired goal.  Business or Life related, clients learn to move from a reactive to a proactive mindset.   


Coaching Process

"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are"

- Anaïs Nin 


Coaching packages, all unique to who and what.  At the core of coaching the following steps consist, which are at times applied in different applications.

Step 1. - Evaluation

Evaluations serve to gain a clear understanding of where you are along your journey of growth.

Step 2. - Strategy 

Strategy refers to the process in which the goal will be achieved.  In step two, you will learn to identify KPR's (Key Performance Results) your looking to achieve.  Then you will identify the indicators which will govern success.  You will learn to make plans through a process in which you'll understand your worst to best case and the variance which can be expected.

Step 3. - Implementation

Implementation refers to the process of taking action.  Throughout Step 3., you will learn of different ways to frame upcoming challenges.

Step 4. - Feedback & re-alignment 

Step 4, is where a good amount of learning takes place.  At this point, many people reach great moments of insight and clarity toward their goals.

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About the founder

Dominic Shaughnessy,WPCC

Personal & Professional Development Coach

As your Personal & Professional Development Coach, my mission is to empower you as you transition into a more productive and mindful version of yourself.

Whether you're launching a business, embarking on a new career, or working on personal development, you will be given the tools you need to succeed.

Where It All Started:


In true entrepreneurial spirit, at age 20 I started a brand of vodka with my best friend. We successfully operated two brands of vodka for over seven years, all while I was working full-time in Operations and Strategy at a security firm based in New York. Part of my role in the security industry involved implementing workforce management solutions, increasing efficiency and cost savings to support the company’s growth from under $1 million to over $12 million in yearly revenue.


While working in the spirit industry, I studied branding, marketing, and how to influence purchase decisions, sparking an ever-evolving interest in behavioral psychology. By the time I was 27, and ready to step away from my vodka business, I had grown passionate about helping people achieve measurable change in their lives and careers. After receiving my Whole Person Coaching Certificate (WPCC), I began applying my experience with the spirit industry and workforce management to assist my clients in unlocking their full professional and personal potential.


Through a mindfulness-based approach, I give my clients the tools to identify and overcome roadblocks, allowing them to strategize and successfully execute their desired results. By encouraging independence and accountability, my clients can apply these methods in all areas of their lives, adopting a more proactive, growth-oriented mindset to foster continued success.